"If you want a sling that will adjust and stay on your shoulder this is the best I have used dry or wet. Just pay attention to the slip knot if you undo it(put a pencil in the loop as you take it apart). VERY GOOD & LOW PRICE TO."
G.T/ Ark

"I recently purchased my first Montana Sling and I'll tell you what...I'll be replacing all my slings with a Montana Sling. First of all the leather is heavy duty. In addition, the workmanship is very apparent (it's well made and very functional - it's easy to adjust). Finally, it looks great. I've had several other types of slings and this beats them all bar none! I used the Montana sling on my Weatherby Sub-MOA Vanguard recently on a wild boar hunt. I couldn't have asked for more. "
HC2007 (Livermore, CA)

"I purcahsed the sling for an old rifle I had. I selected it due to its quality and traditional great looks. After spending 20 years in the USMC, I know the importance of a great sling. This product is easily adjusted and feels great. I would recommend this to anyone in the market."
OldJarhead (Kentucky)

"Extremely pleased with the Montana sling. High quality thick leather with natural appeal. Operates easily and really looks nice on my new Marlin 336 stainless. Installation was a breeze despite no directions. Highly recommended especially for the price."
BitterrootMountainMan (Michigan)

"I recently bought one of your 1.25 inch wide Montana Slings. I wish I had bought one long ago! I was a big fan of the 1907 style military slings or the Swede M41B sniper style slings. After using your Montana Sling on one of my rifles, I decided that I need to buy a few more. This Montana Sling works perfectly for the type of rough country hunting and packing I do here in Alaska. A truely great product. Thanks. "
Alex Clark/Dragonfly Aero Floatplanes (Homer, Alaska)

"I just got a Montana Sling from Cabelas yesterday and it is fantastic! I was using a WWII surplus Garrand sling, and your product is a vastly superior upgrade. Thanks for making a great product."
Michael Rouillier (na)

"I just bought a Marlin Guide Gun, and in the excitement I forgot to get a sling. I went to a local gun shop and saw your product. The first thing that caught my eye was the simplicity and workmanship. I got it home and was amazed by it!! Looks Great! Absolutely the best sling I have ever seen. Wish I had discovered it years ago. I can't praise it and you enough. I won't be buying anything else from here on out. Thanks so much for your fine product."
Robert lemke (USA)

"Just wanted to drop a line and say something about your sling. This is the neatest thing I have seen in years. It's not only the nicest piece of leather that has passed through my shop in the last twenty years. It has got to be the most interesting topic of conversation. Everyone wants to take it apart to see how it is made. I explain that it is no problen right after they order one. Just wanted to thank you for sending one. "
Bill Green (OR)

"I bought a Mossberg .30-30 yesterday and of course I wanted a good sling for it. I had my heart set on leather because I felt it was an appropriate nod to tradition. I saw your 1 inch brown sling hanging on the rack and checked it out. I was immediately struck by it's design which is both simple and beautiful so I bought it. It sure looks great on my rifle! I plan to tell all of my friends about your slings. Thank you for such a terrific product and may God richly bless all of you. "
Dave Horner (na)

"I was looking for a sling for my Marlin 1895 45-70, and happened tgo stumble on this wonderful sling. I was looking for a simple, well built leather sling that was close to the military style competition leather sling that I use alot, but wanted something that was as fast to adjust but would go with a lever action; this is the sling. You can also use it as a hasty sling like the military one. You're slings are first class."
Jason Beam (na)

"First off, I want to say that the Montana Gun Sling that I bought yesterday is the finest and most well thought out sling I've ever had. I plan of purchasing more slings in the future for my other guns and future gun purchases."
Zel Umali (na)

"Been eyeballing slings for over a year for my first deer rifle... remembered discovering good comments on you sling last fall when researching. Got one today and installed on my Winchester model 94 30-30. Excellent results. Good, quality product-hard to find these days. I assume the leather 'slide action' gets better with age. I know it'll look even better w/ time and wear like leather always does."
Mike VanMansum (WA)

"I just got a Montana Sling from Cabelas and it is fantastic! This product is easily adjusted and feels great. I could not stand my old sling because when hunting and wearing a jacket it would fit tight(and it was not easy to adjust). That problem is now gone with my Montana Sling...I brought it to work and showed it to the boys, they jumped on the computer and ordered some for themselves... I would recommemnd this sling to anyone in the market for a good quality sling. Thanks!"
J. Denogean (CA)

"I just purchased one of your slings and plan to use it on my Marlin 336 in the Aussie outback. Its a stron, simple rugged sling that I hope will last me a lifetime. I'm impressed with its design!"
Nick (na)

"I looked at a lot of Slings, and for the price, this was it for me. Fit's perfect on my Marlin 336SS, Looks Great, Built Tough. I would say that I'm a little hard ot Satisfy; but I'm Satisfied!"
Joe M. (Mobile, AL)

"I own three of the Montana slings and have found them to be reliable, comfortable, and exceedingly well designed. I have used the one inch plain leather rifle sling for decades, but have always had trouble with the buckle slipping up and down the sling(no matter the manufacturer). The Montana sling does not have that problem, but remains in place throughout a day's hunt. ALso there is no metal buckle to nick one's stock. Well worth the price."
Doug Stange (Ekalaka, MT)

"This is a high quality sling. The included swivels, are sewn in and they are easy disconnect, but they lock tight in place. It is easy to adjust while in the field for the best support while shooting. Then, you can easily put it back to the right place for easy shoulder carry again. The best part of all, the leather is supple and looks great on my Marlin Camp Carbine. No varmint or stray is safe now when I go out to the barn..."
Gary Diana (Terre Haute, IN)

"Nice, general purpose sling. Heavier construction than most."
Joshua Bogdanow (Bayville, NJ)

"Best hunting sling I have ever used. Fast and easy to adjust. Highly recommend."
Bob Uttrich (Albany, NY)

"The Monatna sling has a very unique adjustment knot that looks great on my "Legancy" Winchester, plus the dark brown goes perfect with the dark color of my rifle's stock."
Philip Swaney (Cleveland, OH)

"Best field sling I have run across to date. Simple, effective, and well made!"
Gerald Pippen (Reno, NV)

"Very well made rifle sling. The leather is nice and thick, and it comes with two Uncle Mike's sling swivels pre-installed. Method of adjustment is very simple and quick."
Andrew Nakaishi (Rancho Cordova, CA)

"I have given away all my other slings and replaced them with the Montana sling. They are very well built and extremely simple design that keeps them working for years; and no stupid buckles or other metal parts to bend, tarnish, clang, or squeak. All made in the USA and premium quality, I own 6 of them now."
Matthew Fochs (Billings, MT)

"This sling is an absolutely exquisite piece of low-tech engineering. It is one piece of *heavy* oil tanned leather. One end is stitched and riveted around a good quality swivel, the other end is braided into a slip knot and allows the sling's length to be adjusted with a simple tug. Whoever figured this thing out could probably do a rubic cube in under a minute. I highly recommend ths product to anyone who wants a sturdy, well made adjustable rifle sling."
Michael Martin (Arcadia, MO)

"WOW! This thing is awesome! It does exactly what is advertised, and looks great too! It's got good leather, not the cheap stuff and has a rich medium dark finish, not the light which is cheap looking to me. It's not hard and brittle like some of them either, just a good quality top notch leather sling that adjusts quickly on the sly. Gotta get some more!"
Vince Stoyanoski (M, OK)

"Hello Jim & Patrick, I just wanted to drop a note to tell you how much I appreciate y'all putting together a Montana Sling to work on My New Springfield M1A Standard. I ordered the 1.25 inch, Chicago Screws, no swivel's, brown. It fit's absolutley Perfecto,, and I am Happy as a Hog In a Mudhole!!!! This is the 2nd Montana Sling that I've gotten over the years, and I am Tickled Pink, that I have one on My Military Rifle now. FOR ANYBODY THINKING ABOUT A MONTANA SLING, STOP THINKING AND GET ONE, AS SOON AS YOU CAN. Thank you Again for such a Great American Product."
Joe (Liv/'n DixieLand)

"Have just received your sling and it is perfect for my Mannlicher stocked Ruger M77 International. Your slim strong and simple sling, coupled with this classic rifle make a beautiful match. I will be ordering another one for my CZ!!!!"
Kim Pineau (NA)

"I am very happy with the sling and the chance to buy a high quality made in USA product with a price that is appropriate. Your company is a rare breed that I hope multiplies and fills our country. An honest American Company."
Chris Reeve (na)

"I just wanted to take a few sentences to express my satisfaction with your product. I was totally fed-up with buying junk slings(china) from my local sporting goods store that were guaranteed to break after one season, so I set out in search of a quality sling and I was immediately directed to Montana Sling. I could not be more pleased with the quality and simplicity of your product. I guess my only complaint would be that I could not find you sling in any of the major stores around Pittsburgh, PA.(Gander Mtn., Dick's...) I'm sure there is a large market here for quality hunting accessories as PA has the largest hunter per capita ratio... maybe something to look into?"
Jeff Bradford (NA)

"I bought one of your slings a year ago to replace an old sling. I have always searched for the perfect sling to accomodate a "hasty sling" shooting style; so I could quickly adjust from carrying to shooting position. I have alway wanted to find a sling without buckles and brass hardware which always tend to tarnish. When I saw this sling at my local retailer(Carter's Country) in Houston, I knew immediately it was what I had always been looking for. I got my first opportunity to try it out last week on a hunt in Saskatchewan, Canada. I took my first buck using it on my old 1965 vintage Remington 700. The sling was instrumental in my ability to quickly get into a hasty sling position to place an aimed shot in the spine at the base of the neck on a 280 pound, 12 point buck of a lifetime. I endorsed the sling to all my friends before, and especially now, all th others in the deer camp are getting one, too. Thanks for an excellent innovation! "
Archie Groff (Texas)

"Pat Sinclair-Thank you very much for the speedy shipping of by brown stitched belt. The leather is nice and thick-just like the Montana Sling I have on my precious Marlin 39A. The brown stitched belt perfectly matches my De Santis Dual Angle Hunter Holster for my Colt King Cobra. I've been looking for a good gun belt for some time. On a whim I checked your website to inquiire if you made belts-sure enough, there they were! My experience with ALL Sinclair products have been top notch. Thank you for what you do for the shooting sports industry and please keep up the good work."
Michael Hossack (Washoe Valley, NV)